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Non-emergency transportation: per mile - case worker or social worker

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Non-emergency transportation: per mile - case worker or social worker (HCPCS A0160)


This service involves providing non-emergency transportation for patients, coordinated by a case worker or social worker. It is typically used to ensure patients can travel to medical appointments, therapy sessions, or other health-related services when they do not have other means of transportation.


This transportation service ensures that patients who lack personal transport options can still access necessary medical care. The goal is to provide a reliable means for patients to attend healthcare appointments, enhancing continuity of care and overall health outcomes.


  • Patients who do not have access to personal or public transportation.
  • Individuals requiring transportation to medical appointments, therapy sessions, or hospital visits.
  • Patients who might otherwise miss important healthcare services due to transportation issues.


  • Patients should confirm their appointment time and location with their healthcare provider.
  • No specific fasting or medication adjustments are typically required.
  • Patients should have available any documentation or identification required for their appointment.

Procedure Description

  1. Scheduling: The patient or caregiver contacts the case worker or social worker to schedule the transportation service.
  2. Coordination: The case worker or social worker arranges the specifics, including pick-up and drop-off locations.
  3. Pick-Up: On the scheduled day, the transportation arrives at the patient's location.
  4. Transport: The patient is transported to their medical appointment.
  5. Return: Post-appointment, the patient is picked up and transported back to their residence or specified location.

Tools used typically include a vehicle equipped for patient transport, potentially with accommodations for those with mobility issues.


The duration varies based on the distance traveled and the specific needs of the patient but usually covers the time required to travel to the healthcare facility and back.


This service is initiated in the patient's home or another starting point and involves travel to the required medical facility and back.


  • Case worker or social worker to coordinate and manage the service.
  • Transport driver, who may have specialist training in assisting patients with mobility issues.

Risks and Complications

  • Common Risks: Mild discomfort from travel, possible scheduling delays.
  • Rare Risks: Vehicle accidents, particular stress or anxiety associated with travel. Complications are generally minimal and can be managed by rescheduling or using alternative transportation if issues arise.


  • Expected Benefits: Reliable access to medical appointments, improved healthcare outcomes due to consistent medical care.
  • Realization: Benefits are immediate, starting from the first use of the transportation service.


No recovery period is associated with this service. Post-procedure care involves ensuring the patient has safely returned home and addressing any medical needs that arise from their appointment.


  • Public transportation: Usually less expensive but may not be suitable for all patients.
  • Private taxis/rideshares: More flexible but can be costly and less coordinated regarding medical needs.
  • Family or friends: Requires willingness and availability of personal networks.

Patient Experience

Patients should anticipate a professional, supportive experience facilitated by dedicated case workers or social workers. The transport is designed to be as comfortable as possible, though some discomfort might be experienced based on the patient's medical condition. Pain management or comfort measures can include carrying personal items like pillows or medications as needed.

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