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Generative Healthcare AI is building AI for healthcare from the ground up. We are not simply applying off the shelf LLMs to healthcare, instead we have trained a state-of-the-art foundation model using a vocabulary native to healthcare and data from over 100M patients. Our Large Medical Model (LMM) beats the performance of all existing solutions on the market for healthcare risk and cost prediction.

Introducing the Large Medical Model (LMM) has pioneered the Large Medical Model (LMM) for healthcare. Utilizing neural network transformers, our LMM is similar to Large Language Models (LLMs) but with a crucial difference: it doesn’t use natural language. Instead, it operates on a vocabulary of medical codes and events, like conditions, procedures, and medications. GenHealth's technology offers unmatched capabilities beyond the reach of LLMs. You can simulate patient futures, predict healthcare costs, and understand medical event liklihood over time with an accuracy that exceeds current approaches. Additionally, our model natively integrates with healthcare standards like FHIR, HL7, or X12, but also unstructured documents like PDFs.

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Our vision extends beyond foundation models for healthcare, we are reimagining healthcare by building applications natively on generative AI. Leveraging our Large Medical Model, we built applications that cut 90% of the administrative burden of prior authorizations, and a healthcare analytics chatbot that can answer any population health questions of the past, present, AND future.

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