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How GenHealth can use it’s Large Medical Model (LMM) to inform clinicians as they are making care related decisions outside of a clinical encounter.
GenHealth launches the future of prior auth automation with an AI chatbot that understands medical policies and rules from health insurance companies across the US. has developed the world's first prior authorization and medical policy form database, aiming to streamline the complex and burdensome processes in healthcare such as claims adjudication and prior authorization utilizing advanced AI and ETL processes
The proposed rule aims to streamline prior authorization in healthcare by integrating technical and operational changes to enhance health information exchange, reporting, and interoperability.
With generative AI based analytic models, there are many open questions in the industry about efficacy performance, and use cases. This space is just starting to be explored.
It is not an either / or, instead LLMs and LMMs can work together. Both have short comings and optimal use cases. Using them together gets you the best of both worlds.
Introducing the GenHealth Embeddings API: Identify relationships for any medical concept like similar episodes of care, patient matches, providers search, etc
Get up to speed on Generative AI in Healthcare and understand the art of the possible
Learn more about our expertise in Healthcare policy. From working with the health systems which are regulated to the people that write the regs, GenHealth is deep in the industry.
See what is building using our 13M seed funding round
We are starting with a Beta product to get early feedback from researchers, industry, doctors, and app developers. Send a note to to get access!
Reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) is a powerful technique in LLMs. However, RHLF can be counter productive in the case of large medical model (LMM) transformers trained on raw medical event data
Learn about why we started and how generative healthcare AI will transform the industry.
The field of AI has made significant advancements in recent years, and the most talked-about models are LLMs, but there are now healthcare specific approaches that leverage transformers.