closes 13M in Seed Funding

Ricky Sahu
by Ricky Sahu

We (Eric, Ethan, and Ricky) are super excited to announce our $13M seed round for! Thanks to our investors who co-lead this round Craft and Obvious Ventures :) They both have amazing teams that we’re looking forward to working with.

Healthcare has massive opportunities to be addressed and the use of large scale neural network transformers have proven to be a step change in other domains. We’re using our fund raise to accelerate the impact that transformers and generative AI can have in the healthcare industry.

We aren’t doing what most everyone else does with transformers. We’re not taking Large Language Models and training them on doctor notes or medical research. Instead we are building a model with a healthcare specific vocabulary with which all the standardized healthcare data is laden. Think ICD (conditions), CPT (procedures), LOINC (labs), NDC (meds), NPI (doctors), etc. By building on this data from raw medical records our model is able to take in patient histories and predict future events. Because healthcare runs on standards like FHIR, HL7v2, CCD, and 837s, and because these standards drive workflows in the industry, there’s a natural place for us to plug in without any human needed to prompt our model but make a massive impact. Doctor notes and clinical research is just the tip of the iceberg, and as we know what lies beneath is where the interesting stuff happens.

Since founding, we’ve already brought on 3 amazing new hires (David, Devon, and Al), and we are looking for more (see open roles here). Two friends in the space Aneesh Chopra (former CTO of the US) and Don Rucker (former National Coordinator at the ONC) are joining as advisors. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of interest given the broad applicability of what we call Large Medical Models (LMMs). With these you can understand specific provider IDs, you can forecast the total costs of care, and you can uncover clinical relationships that have never before been published. Ultimately we believe GenHealth’s AI will have a material impact on the healthcare industry.

We have now started working with provider ACOs, health insurance plans, and various applications. Contact us to explore how generative AI can do for your organization.