Prior Auth and Policy AI Chat

Ricky Sahu
by Ricky Sahu

Introducing GenHealth's Revolutionary Prior Auth and Policy AI Chatbot

We are thrilled to announce our latest innovation: a state-of-the-art AI chatbot for immediate coverage and approval or denial decisions, in the convenience of conversational language


This groundbreaking AI chatbot builds on our previous work, where we launched a national prior auth policy and rule database for health plans across the United States. Our new Policy AI Chat is designed to answer any questions about specific prior auth policies, guide you through the questionnaire to determine coverage or approvals, and provide detailed insights even beyond the document.

Our new Policy AI Chat is live and publicly accessible now. Try it out here. We're not stopping here, though. In our commitment to enhancing accessibility and understanding for healthcare, we'll be adding 100s more health plans and 1000s of additional policies.

On this 29th day of February, leap into the future of healthcare prior authorization and utilization management with GenHealth's AI chatbot.

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