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Transportation ancillary: parking fees, tolls, other

HCPCS code

Medical HCPCS Procedure: Transportation Ancillary: Parking Fees, Tolls, Other (A0170)

Name of the Procedure:

  • Common names: Transportation Ancillary Fees
  • Technical/Medical term: HCPCS A0170 - Parking Fees, Tolls, Other


This category covers transportation-related ancillary expenses such as parking fees, tolls, and other minor charges associated with traveling to receive medical care. These costs are an essential part of ensuring patients can access necessary healthcare services.


  • Medical conditions or problems it addresses: Incidental costs of travel to medical appointments.
  • Goals or expected outcomes: To reduce the financial burden on patients attending medical appointments, especially for those requiring frequent or long-distance travel.


  • Specific symptoms or conditions: Not applicable as it supports all medical conditions where travel to a healthcare provider is necessary.
  • Patient criteria: Patients who need to travel for medical care and incur parking, toll, or other minor travel-related expenses.


  • Pre-procedure instructions: None required as it involves reimbursement for transportation costs.
  • Diagnostic tests or assessments: None required.

Procedure Description

  • Detailed steps: Patients incur transportation-related ancillary expenses (e.g., parking fees or tolls) when traveling to and from medical appointments. They then submit these expenses for reimbursement under HCPCS A0170.
  • Tools, equipment, or technology used: Receipt documentation for expenses incurred.
  • Anesthesia or sedation: Not applicable.


  • Typical duration: Time to travel and attend a medical appointment.


  • Where performed: Anywhere travel to a healthcare provider occurs, often external to healthcare facilities.


  • Healthcare professionals involved: None directly; administrative staff may assist with reimbursement processes.

Risks and Complications

  • Common and rare risks: Financial risk from unclaimed expenses if proper documentation is not maintained.
  • Potential complications: None related to medical or physical health. Administrative issues may arise if documentation is incomplete.


  • Expected benefits: Financial relief from incidental travel expenses, assisting patients in accessing necessary medical care.
  • Recovery time: Immediate financial impact upon successful reimbursement.


  • Post-procedure care and instructions: Retain all receipts and documentation related to travel expenses.
  • Expected recovery time: N/A
  • Restrictions or follow-up: Periodic submission of expenses for ongoing travel.


  • Other treatment options: Not applicable; this is related to ancillary costs.
  • Pros and cons of alternatives: Alternatives include out-of-pocket payment without reimbursement, which might be financially burdensome for some patients.

Patient Experience

  • What the patient might feel or experience: Reduced financial stress regarding travel costs.
  • Pain management and comfort measures: Not applicable as this is a non-medical, supportive service aimed at alleviating financial burdens related to transportation.

Please note that HCPCS A0170 primarily serves an administrative function in healthcare and aids in facilitating access to medical services by mitigating travel-related costs.

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