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Custom manual wheelchair/base

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Custom Manual Wheelchair/Base (K0008)


A Custom Manual Wheelchair/Base (K0008) is a personalized mobility device designed to meet the specific needs of an individual. Unlike standard off-the-shelf wheelchairs, this device is custom-fitted and adjusted to maximize comfort, functionality, and independence for the user.


This custom wheelchair addresses various medical conditions that impact mobility, such as severe physical disabilities, paralysis, or chronic illnesses that affect the lower extremities. The goal is to enhance the user's independence, improve quality of life, and enable easier navigation through daily activities.


  • Severe physical disabilities (e.g., spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy)
  • Chronic conditions affecting mobility (e.g., multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy)
  • Need for specific postural support and custom seating
  • Individuals who cannot effectively use a standard wheelchair due to unique body dimensions or special needs


  • Consultation with a physical therapist or rehabilitation specialist
  • Assessment and measurement of the patient's body dimensions and needs
  • Possible diagnostic tests to assess physical health and mobility requirements
  • Discussion about potential adjustments and custom features

Procedure Description

  1. Initial Evaluation: A healthcare professional evaluates the patient's physical condition, mobility needs, and measurements.
  2. Custom Design: Specifications are sent to a manufacturer to create a wheelchair tailored to the patient's unique requirements.
  3. Fitting Session: Once the wheelchair is ready, a fitting session ensures that it meets the patient's needs and provides adjustments for comfort.
  4. Training: The patient receives training on how to use and maintain the wheelchair properly.
  5. Follow-up Visits: Periodic follow-ups to adjust the wheelchair as needed and to address any issues.


The entire process, from evaluation to final fitting, may take several weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity and customization required.


  • Initial evaluation and follow-ups are typically conducted in a healthcare facility such as a hospital, outpatient clinic, or rehabilitation center.
  • The custom wheelchair is typically manufactured off-site by specialized companies.


  • Physical Therapist or Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Medical Equipment Provider
  • Manufacturer Technicians

Risks and Complications

  • Discomfort due to improper fit, requiring adjustments
  • Potential for developing pressure sores if the seating is not correctly tailored
  • Mechanical issues or failures over time, necessitating repairs
  • Risk of decreased mobility if not properly utilized or maintained


  • Improved mobility and independence
  • Enhanced comfort and posture support tailored to the user's body
  • Ability to navigate various environments more efficiently
  • Increased participation in daily activities and social interactions


  • No physical recovery needed from fitting, though initial adaptation period may require practice
  • Regular maintenance checks to ensure the wheelchair functions correctly
  • Follow-up appointments to make necessary adjustments


  • Standard manual wheelchairs: less expensive but less personalized
  • Power wheelchairs: ideal for those who lack the strength to self-propel
  • Mobility scooters: suitable for individuals with partial mobility
  • Pros of alternatives: Can be quicker to obtain and lower cost
  • Cons of alternatives: Less tailored to individual needs, possibly less effective for severe disabilities

Patient Experience

  • Patients might feel a significant improvement in mobility and comfort.
  • Initial adaptation to the custom wheelchair might include learning new techniques for maneuvering.
  • Pain management and comfort measures are addressed through tailored seating and support.
  • Regular interaction with healthcare providers for adjustments and optimal use.

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