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Wheelchair seat cushion, powered

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Wheelchair Seat Cushion, Powered (E2610)


A powered wheelchair seat cushion is a specialized seat designed to provide enhanced comfort and pressure relief for wheelchair users. This cushion uses electrical power to adapt its shape and firmness, ensuring optimal support and reducing the risk of pressure sores.


  • Medical Conditions: Primarily addresses issues related to prolonged sitting, such as pressure ulcers, skin breakdown, and discomfort.
  • Goals: To improve comfort, enhance skin protection, and promote proper posture for wheelchair users. It aims to reduce the risk of pressure sores and alleviate pain associated with extended wheelchair use.


  • Symptoms/Conditions: Patients with impaired mobility who spend extended periods in wheelchairs, individuals at risk of developing pressure sores, and those who need customized seating solutions.
  • Patient Criteria: Appropriate for individuals with limited capacity to reposition themselves, those with a history of pressure ulcers, or patients requiring better postural support.


  • Instructions: No specific preparation required for using the powered wheelchair seat cushion.
  • Diagnostic Tests: An evaluation by a healthcare professional, such as a physical therapist or rehabilitation specialist, to determine the need for a powered wheelchair cushion and its suitable settings.

Procedure Description

  1. Assessment: Clinical evaluation to assess the patient’s seating and positioning needs.
  2. Customization: Selection and programming of the cushion according to the patient’s specific requirements.
  3. Installation: The cushion is then placed on the wheelchair seat, and necessary adjustments are made.
  4. Operation: The cushion is powered on, and its settings are fine-tuned using a remote control or smartphone app to ensure maximum comfort and support.
    • Equipment/Technology: Powered wheelchair seat cushion, remote control, or app for adjustments.
    • Anesthesia/Sedation: Not applicable.


The setup and adjustment of the cushion typically take about 30-60 minutes during an initial fitting session.


This procedure can be conducted in various settings, including:

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • At home, under the guidance of a healthcare professional


  • Healthcare Professionals: Physical therapists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation specialists.

Risks and Complications

  • Common Risks: Minimal, primarily related to improper use or malfunction of the cushion.
  • Rare Complications: Electrical malfunctions, discomfort due to improper settings, or skin irritation from cushion materials. These can usually be managed by readjusting the settings or consulting a specialist.


  • Expected Benefits: Immediate improvement in comfort and pressure distribution, reduced risk of pressure sores, enhanced posture, and overall increased quality of life.
  • Realization Time: Benefits are generally realized immediately upon proper use and adjustment.


  • Post-procedure Care: Regular monitoring and readjustment of cushion settings as needed.
  • Recovery Time: No recovery time required.
  • Restrictions/Follow-up: Regular follow-ups with a therapist may be necessary to ensure the cushion continues to meet the patient’s needs.


  • Other Options: Non-powered wheelchair cushions, gel cushions, air cushions, or custom foam cushions.
  • Pros and Cons: Non-powered cushions may be less expensive and do not require electricity but might not offer the same level of customization and comfort.

Patient Experience

  • During the Procedure: The patient may feel adjustments being made to the cushion’s firmness and shape during setup.
  • After the Procedure: Expect enhanced comfort and support. The cushion can be adjusted as needed to maintain optimal comfort. Pain management and regular skin checks are recommended to prevent any issues.

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