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Ostomy skin barrier, powder, per oz

HCPCS code

Name of the Procedure:

Common Names: Ostomy Skin Barrier Powder, Ostomy Powder
Technical/Medical Term: HCPCS A4371 - Ostomy skin barrier, powder, per oz


Ostomy skin barrier powder is a medical product used to protect and treat the skin around an ostomy. It is specifically designed to absorb moisture and help adhesion of ostomy appliances to the skin, preventing leakage and skin irritation.


Ostomy skin barrier powder is used to manage moisture and skin irritation around an ostomy site, promoting adhesion of ostomy appliances to prevent leaks and discomfort. It helps patients with ostomies maintain healthy skin and secure seals for their ostomy pouches.


  • Red, irritated, or moist skin around an ostomy site
  • Difficulty achieving a good adhesion for the ostomy appliance
  • Frequent leakage of ostomy pouches due to skin conditions
  • Chronic skin complications in ostomy patients


  • Ensure the skin around the ostomy is clean and dry before applying the powder.
  • No specific fasting or medication adjustments are required.
  • Regular monitoring and assessment of the ostomy site for irritation or infection.

Procedure Description

  1. Clean the skin around the ostomy with water and a mild soap, then pat dry.
  2. Apply a small amount of the ostomy skin barrier powder to the irritated or moist area around the ostomy.
  3. Gently spread the powder evenly over the skin using your fingertips or a soft cloth.
  4. Remove excess powder by gently brushing away any loose particles.
  5. Apply the ostomy appliance as usual, ensuring that it adheres properly to the treated area.


    The application process generally takes a few minutes. The frequency of reapplication depends on the condition of the skin and the patient's needs.


This procedure is typically performed at home by the patient or caregiver but can also be demonstrated by healthcare professionals in outpatient clinics.


  • Ostomy patients and their caregivers
  • Ostomy nurses or wound care specialists for initial instruction

Risks and Complications

  • Rare allergic reactions to the powder ingredients
  • Potential for skin irritation if used improperly
  • Inadequate adhesion leading to leakage if excess powder is not removed


  • Protects and heals irritated skin around the ostomy site
  • Improves adherence of ostomy appliances, reducing leakage
  • Provides comfort by keeping the skin dry and free of moisture


  • Follow standard care routines for the ostomy as advised by healthcare professionals.
  • Monitor the skin for signs of improvement or further irritation.
  • No specific recovery time, as this is a maintenance procedure.


  • Ostomy Skin Barrier Wipes: Used to prepare the skin and improve adhesion.
  • Ostomy Paste: Acts as a filler for uneven skin surfaces.
  • Hydrocolloid Barriers: Directly applied to the skin to provide protection.

    Comparatively, powders are especially useful for moist areas, while pastes and barriers might be preferred for larger areas or irregular skin surfaces.

Patient Experience

  • The application is generally painless and should provide relief from irritation.
  • Proper use ensures better appliance adherence and fewer episodes of leakage.
  • Comfort measures include ensuring the skin is properly dried before application, avoiding excess powder, and following instructions for optimal results.

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