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Ostomy deodorant, with or without lubricant, for use in ostomy pouch, per fluid ounce

HCPCS code

Name of the Procedure:

  • Common Name: Ostomy Deodorant
  • Technical/Medical Term: Ostomy Deodorant, with or without lubricant, for use in ostomy pouch (HCPCS Code: A4394)


Ostomy deodorant is a specialized liquid product designed to neutralize odors in ostomy pouches. It may come with or without added lubricant to enhance the ease of pouch emptying.


Ostomy deodorant is used to address the odor associated with the use of ostomy pouches. The goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals with stomas by reducing unpleasant smells and making pouch management more discreet and comfortable.


  • Symptoms/Conditions: Presence of foul odors from the ostomy pouch.
  • Patient Criteria: Any patient utilizing an ostomy pouch who experiences odor issues or seeks to improve their comfort and discretion.


  • Pre-use Instructions:
    • Clean the ostomy pouch thoroughly before the first application.
    • Ensure the application area is dry and free of other residues.
  • Diagnostic Tests: None required beforehand.

Procedure Description

  1. Clean the ostomy pouch as directed by your healthcare provider.
  2. Add the specified amount of ostomy deodorant (usually a few drops to a teaspoon) directly into the empty ostomy pouch.
  3. For deodorants with lubricant, ensure the liquid is evenly distributed throughout the pouch to facilitate easier emptying.
  4. Securely reattach the pouch as per standard procedure.
  • Tools/Equipment Used: Ostomy pouch, ostomy deodorant liquid.
  • Anesthesia/Sedation: Not applicable.


  • The process of adding deodorant takes approximately 1-2 minutes.


  • This is typically done in any private setting like a bathroom at home or a medical facility where the ostomy pouch might be changed.


  • Usually managed by the patient or a caregiver. Healthcare professionals such as ostomy nurses may provide initial training.

Risks and Complications

  • Common Risks: Minimal; includes potential for minor skin irritation if improperly applied.
  • Rare Risks: Allergic reaction to the deodorant.


  • Expected Benefits:
    • Immediate neutralization of odors.
    • Enhanced discretion and comfort.
  • Timeframe: Benefits are realized as soon as the product is used.


  • Post-procedure Care: None required; continue with regular ostomy care.
  • Recovery Time: Immediate effect with ongoing benefits as long as the product is used.
  • Restrictions/Follow-up: None specific other than routine check-ups for overall stoma health.


  • Other Treatment Options:
    • Scented ostomy pouch covers.
    • Dietary adjustments to reduce odor-causing foods.
  • Pros and Cons:
    • Alternatives may not provide immediate relief.
    • Dietary changes require time and may not be practical for all patients.

Patient Experience

  • During the Procedure: The process is straightforward and should cause no discomfort.
  • After the Procedure:
    • Reduced odor immediately noticed.
    • Continued use enhances the overall experience of ostomy management with improved confidence and social comfort.
  • Pain Management and Comfort Measures: Generally not required, as the use of ostomy deodorants is non-invasive and painless.

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