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Gloves, non-sterile, per 100

HCPCS code

Name of the Procedure:

  • Common Name(s): Non-Sterile Gloves
  • Technical/Medical Term: Gloves, non-sterile, per 100 (A4927)


Non-sterile gloves are disposable gloves used for medical examinations and procedures to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. They are essential in various healthcare settings to protect both the patient and healthcare providers.


  • Addresses: Infection control, prevention of contamination, protection during medical examinations and procedures.
  • Goals/Outcomes: To provide a hygienic barrier that reduces the risk of infection and ensures the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals.


  • Symptoms/Conditions: Whenever there is a need to handle bodily fluids, conduct medical examinations, or perform procedures where contamination is a risk.
  • Patient Criteria: Not patient-specific; required based on the healthcare procedure being performed.


  • Pre-procedure Instructions: No specific patient preparation needed.
  • Diagnostic Tests: None required beforehand.

Procedure Description

  1. Hand Hygiene: Healthcare providers wash and dry their hands thoroughly.
  2. Glove Application: Providers remove a pair of gloves from the box, ensuring they are intact and fit comfortably.
  3. Usage: Gloves are worn during the medical procedure or examination to prevent contact with bodily fluids or non-sterile surfaces.
  4. Disposal: Gloves are removed by peeling them off from the wrists, turning them inside out to avoid contact with contaminants, and disposed of in designated bins.

    • Tools/Equipment: Box of non-sterile gloves.
    • Anesthesia/Sedation: Not applicable.


  • Applying gloves takes a few seconds to a minute.


  • Location: Hospital, outpatient clinic, surgical center, or any healthcare setting where contact with bodily fluids or contamination risk exists.


  • Healthcare Professionals Involved: Doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and any other healthcare provider performing medical examinations or procedures.

Risks and Complications

  • Common Risks: Skin irritation or allergic reactions due to latex sensitivity.
  • Rare Risks: Severe allergic reactions.


  • Expected Benefits: Immediate reduction in infection risk and prevention of contamination.
  • Realization Time: Immediate upon usage.


  • Post-procedure Care: No specific post-procedure care for patients.
  • Recovery Time: Not applicable.
  • Restrictions/Follow-up: No follow-up required based on glove usage alone.


  • Other Options: Sterile gloves, reusable gloves for specific non-medical tasks.
  • Pros and Cons: Sterile gloves provide additional infection control for more sensitive procedures, whereas reusable gloves are not used in medical settings due to contamination risks.

Patient Experience

  • During Procedure: Patients will not experience anything specific related to the provider wearing non-sterile gloves.
  • After Procedure: No specific feeling or experience related to glove usage; comfort measures focus on the overall care provided.

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