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Ostomy pouch, closed; without barrier attached, with filter (1 piece), each

HCPCS code

Name of the Procedure:

Ostomy Pouch, Closed; Without Barrier Attached, With Filter
Technical term: HCPCS Code A4418


An ostomy pouch (closed) with a filter is a medical device used to collect waste from the body through a surgically created opening (ostomy). This type of pouch does not come with an adhesive barrier and is designed for single use.


This procedure is essential for individuals who have undergone surgeries resulting in ostomies, such as colostomies or ileostomies. It helps manage waste effectively, ensuring comfort and hygiene.


  • Post-surgical care for individuals with a colostomy or ileostomy.
  • Patients experiencing bowel dysfunction that requires waste diversion.
  • Cases where a single-use, easy-disposal pouch is beneficial.


Patients should:

  • Ensure the peristomal skin is clean and dry before application.
  • Have a diet plan and hydration regimen recommended.
  • No specific fasting or medication adjustments are generally required for fitting the pouch.

Procedure Description

  1. Skin Preparation: Clean the area around the stoma with water and pat it dry.
  2. Fit the Pouch: Align the pouch opening with the stoma and attach it securely.
  3. Check Seal: Ensure there is no leakage and that the filter is functioning.

Tools: Ostomy pouch, scissors to customize the opening (if needed).


  • The process of fitting the pouch takes approximately 15-20 minutes.


  • Suitable for home care, outpatient clinics, or hospital settings under nursing guidance.


  • Typically involves nurses specialized in ostomy care or a trained caregiver at home.

Risks and Complications

  • Skin irritation or infection around the stoma site.
  • Leakages if not sealed properly.
  • Rarely, allergic reactions to the pouch material.


  • Provides a hygienic and convenient method of waste management.
  • Reduces odor through the filter.
  • Enhances the quality of life by allowing more independence.


  • No recovery time needed; it is part of routine ostomy care.
  • No restrictions on activities but follow-up with a healthcare provider is advised.


  • Two-piece ostomy systems: Consist of a separate pouch and flange, allowing barrier changes without removing the pouch.
  • Open or drainable pouches: Filtered or non-filtered, more suitable for patients who need frequent emptying.

Pros and Cons: Two-piece systems offer flexibility but may require more care in application. Open pouches need frequent emptying but can be more economical.

Patient Experience

  • May feel a slight adhesive pull while attaching the pouch.
  • Properly fitted pouches should cause minimal discomfort.
  • Pain management is usually not necessary but addressing skin irritation promptly is crucial.

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