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Ostomy pouch, drainable, for use on faceplate, plastic, each

HCPCS code

Ostomy Pouch, Drainable, for Use on Faceplate, Plastic, Each (A4377)

Name of the Procedure:

Common Name: Ostomy pouch, drainable
Medical Term: Ostomy appliance, drainable pouch system for faceplate


An ostomy pouch is a medical device designed to securely collect waste from a surgically created opening (stoma) on the abdomen. This type of pouch, which is drainable and made of plastic, attaches to a faceplate that is adhered around the stoma.


Ostomy pouches are used to manage waste for patients who have undergone surgeries such as colostomies, ileostomies, or urostomies. The goal is to provide a hygienic, convenient, and comfortable solution for waste collection, which helps in maintaining the patient’s dignity and quality of life.


  • Patients with conditions like colorectal cancer, Crohn's disease, or diverticulitis that require the diversion of bowel contents.
  • Individuals requiring urinary diversion due to bladder cancer or severe bladder dysfunction.
  • Indicated for anyone with a permanent or temporary stoma that needs continuous waste management.


  • Clean and dry the skin around the stoma.
  • Cut the skin barrier hole to match the stoma size.
  • Ensure hands are clean and free from lotions or oils.

Procedure Description

  1. The skin around the stoma is cleaned and dried.
  2. The device’s faceplate is cut to fit the stoma’s size.
  3. The faceplate adhesive side is placed around the stoma to attach securely to the skin.
  4. The drainable pouch is then attached to the faceplate.
  5. The pouch can be periodically emptied through the built-in drainage system.


Applying the ostomy pouch typically takes about 10-15 minutes.


  • Primarily performed at home by the patient or caregiver.
  • Initial training and fitting may occur in a hospital, outpatient clinic, or surgical center.


  • Ostomy nurses or specialized healthcare providers for initial instruction
  • Patient or caregiver for ongoing management and application

Risks and Complications

  • Skin irritation or breakdown around the stoma
  • Leakage from improperly fitted faceplate or pouch
  • Infection at the stoma site


  • Effective and hygienic waste management
  • Improved quality of life and independence for the patient
  • Immediate benefits: ease of use and maintain cleanliness


  • Regular monitoring of the stoma and skin
  • Daily or as-needed pouch changes
  • Regular follow-up with healthcare providers for stoma care assessment


  • Non-drainable ostomy pouches require complete disposal and replacement.
  • Different types of ostomy pouches and barriers are available based on individual needs and preferences.

Patient Experience

  • Initial learning curve in fitting and managing the pouch
  • Sensations related to adhesive application and removal
  • Possible minor discomfort during initial use, which typically diminishes with routine care and proper fitting

By following these guidelines, patients can effectively manage waste through a drainable ostomy pouch system, helping to enhance both their comfort and quality of life.

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