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Skin sealants, protectants, moisturizers, ointments, any type, any size

HCPCS code

Name of the Procedure:

Skin Sealants, Protectants, Moisturizers, Ointments (HCPCS Code: A6250)


In simple terms, this procedure involves using various topicals like skin sealants, protectants, moisturizers, and ointments to treat and protect the skin. These products can be used for different purposes ranging from preventing moisture loss to acting as barriers against harmful substances.


These products are used to address several skin-related conditions including dryness, wounds, and protective barriers for sensitive skin. The primary goals are to hydrate, protect, and promote healing of the skin.


  • Dry, flaky, or cracked skin
  • Minor cuts, scrapes, and burns
  • Skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis
  • To protect skin areas that are exposed to moisture or friction


No specific preparation is generally required. However, the skin should be clean and dry before application. For severe skin conditions, consult with a healthcare provider for proper assessment and recommendations.

Procedure Description

  1. Clean the Skin: Ensure the area where the product will be applied is clean and dry.
  2. Application: Depending on the product, dispense an appropriate amount. For creams and ointments, apply and massage gently onto the skin.
  3. Reapplication: Products may need to be reapplied periodically, especially after washing or exposure to liquids.

    Tools and Equipment:

    • Applicators, if necessary (e.g., cotton swabs or spatulas)
    • Gloves for the healthcare provider or patient

No anesthesia or sedation is required.


The application process typically takes a few minutes.


The procedure can be done at home or in any healthcare setting such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, or nursing homes.


Primarily self-administered or by a caregiver. In a healthcare setting, nurses or healthcare aides may assist.

Risks and Complications

  • Common Risks: Minor skin irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Rare Risks: Severe allergic reactions or skin infections if applied improperly.

Complications can be managed by discontinuing the product or seeking medical care.


  • Hydrated and healthy skin
  • Prevention of further skin damage
  • Alleviation of discomfort from dry or irritated skin

Benefits can be immediate but may improve over continual use.


No significant recovery time is required. General care involves keeping the skin clean and reapplying the product as needed. Follow-up appointments are typically not necessary unless complications arise.


  • Oral or topical medications for skin conditions
  • Natural remedies like aloe vera or coconut oil

Each alternative has pros and cons and effectiveness can vary based on the individual's condition and response.

Patient Experience

Patients can expect minimal discomfort during application. Products designed for sensitive skin often include ingredients to reduce irritation and promote comfort. If any discomfort or adverse reactions occur, patients are advised to consult with their healthcare provider.

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