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Surgical supply; miscellaneous

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Surgical Supply; Miscellaneous (HCPCS A4649)


Surgical supply; miscellaneous is a category used to denote various surgical supplies that are not specified under other billing codes. This may include a range of products such as specialized tools, instruments, or materials required during surgical procedures, but do not fit into predefined categories.


This provision is designed to cover the cost of necessary surgical supplies that are critical for the success of various surgical procedures. These supplies ensure that the medical team has all the necessary tools and materials to perform surgery efficiently and safely.


  • The need for specific surgical tools or materials that are not listed under other standardized medical billing codes.
  • Situations where surgical procedures require unique or specialized instruments or supplies that are crucial for the operation.


Since HCPCS A4649 encompasses various supplies used in multiple surgical procedures, preparation would be specific to the underlying surgery being performed:

  • Patients might need to fast or adjust their medication as instructed by their healthcare provider.
  • Necessary diagnostic tests or assessments will vary based on the primary surgical procedure.

Procedure Description

The use of miscellaneous surgical supplies (A4649) will be incorporated as needed within the standard steps of a surgical procedure:

  1. Patient preparation, including sterilization and anesthesia.
  2. The surgical team utilizes the required miscellaneous supplies to augment standard surgical tools.
  3. Procedures may involve cutting, suturing, implanting, or other specific surgical tasks that standard instruments cannot perform.

Tools, equipment, or technology used vary widely based on the specific needs of the surgery and may include specialized forceps, graft materials, or unique implants.

Anesthesia or sedation will be determined by the primary surgical procedure, ranging from local anesthesia to full general anesthesia.


The duration will vary widely depending on the main surgical procedure. Miscellaneous supplies are used as needed throughout the surgery.


The procedure can be performed in various settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Surgical centers


  • Surgeons
  • Surgical Nurses
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Surgical Technologists

Risks and Complications

  • Common risks are generally associated with the primary surgical procedure and can include infection, bleeding, and reactions to anesthesia.
  • Specific complications might include malfunction or failure of the specialized instrument or material.
  • Management of these risks will be specific to the nature of the primary procedure and the surgical supply used.


  • Enables the healthcare team to perform complex or unconventional procedures that may not be possible with standard surgical tools alone.
  • Enhances the precision and efficiency of surgeries, potentially improving patient outcomes.


  • Post-procedure care and instructions will align with the primary surgical procedure.
  • Recovery time can vary from a few days to several weeks, depending on the nature of the surgery.
  • Patients might have specific follow-up appointments to monitor for any complications.


  • Other treatment options vary based on the primary condition being treated, including non-surgical interventions or different surgical techniques.
  • The pros and cons of using standardized versus specialized surgical supplies depend on the complexity and nature of the surgery.

Patient Experience

  • The patient may not notice the use of miscellaneous supplies during the surgery but will experience only the general effects of the surgery itself.
  • Post-surgery, patients may experience soreness, pain, or discomfort typical for the primary surgical procedure.
  • Pain management and comfort measures will be provided according to standard post-operative care.

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