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Compression burn garment, glove to axilla, custom fabricated

HCPCS code

Compression Burn Garment: Glove to Axilla, Custom Fabricated

Name of the Procedure:

  • Common Name: Compression Burn Garment Glove
  • Technical Term: Custom Fabricated Compression Burn Garment, Glove to Axilla (HCPCS Code: A6506)


A custom-fabricated compression garment designed to cover the hand and arm up to the shoulder to assist in the healing process after severe burns. It helps manage swelling, minimize scarring, and improve skin health.


  • Medical Conditions: Severe burns, skin grafts, surgical wounds, hypertrophic scars
  • Goals: Reduce swelling and discomfort, minimize scarring, support wound healing, improve aesthetic and functional outcomes of the affected limb


  • Symptoms/Conditions: Severe burns, areas with skin grafts, hypertrophic scars
  • Patient Criteria: Those with deep partial-thickness or full-thickness burns, individuals requiring compression therapy as part of their burn rehabilitation plan


  • Pre-procedure Instructions:
    • Ensure clean and dry skin where the garment will be applied
    • Follow any specific instructions given by the healthcare provider
  • Diagnostic Tests/Assessments:
    • Initial assessment by a burn specialist
    • Measurement and fitting session for the custom-fabricated garment

Procedure Description

  1. Measurement and Fitting: A healthcare provider takes detailed measurements of the affected hand and arm to ensure a precise fit.
  2. Fabrication: Using these measurements, a custom glove to axilla is fabricated to apply appropriate and uniform pressure.
  3. Application: Once made, the patient is educated on how to wear the garment, ensuring it fits snugly without causing undue pressure or discomfort.
  • Tools and Equipment: Measurement tools, custom fabrication materials
  • Anesthesia: Not applicable


  • Measurement and Fitting: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Custom Fabrication Time: Varies, typically 1-2 weeks for garment creation


  • Where Performed: Outpatient clinic or specialized burn care center


  • Healthcare Professionals Involved: Burn specialist or physical therapist, orthotist/prosthetist (for fabrication), nurse (for education and fitting assistance)

Risks and Complications

  • Common Risks: Skin irritation, discomfort, improper fit leading to pressure sores
  • Rare Risks: Allergic reaction to materials, restricted blood flow
  • Management: Regular follow-up appointments to adjust fit, patient education on signs of complications


  • Expected Benefits: Reduced swelling, minimized scarring, improved skin health
  • Realization Timeline: Benefits can begin to appear within a few weeks, with continued improvement over several months of consistent use


  • Post-procedure Care: Regularly wear the garment as advised, keep the garment clean and dry
  • Recovery Time: Ongoing throughout the healing process; duration varies based on individual healing rates and severity of burns
  • Restrictions: Avoid activities that may cause excessive sweating or wetting of the garment
  • Follow-up Appointments: Regular check-ups for adjustments and monitoring progress


  • Other Treatment Options: Over-the-counter compression garments, silicone gel sheets, steroid injections, surgical revision
  • Pros and Cons: Custom-fabricated garments provide a better fit and more consistent pressure compared to generic alternatives but are more expensive and require specialized fittings.

Patient Experience

  • During Procedure: Mild discomfort during initial fitting; generally painless
  • After Procedure: Some initial skin soreness or irritation as the patient adjusts to wearing the garment
  • Pain Management: Topical treatments for irritation, pain relief medications if necessary
  • Comfort Measures: Ensuring proper fit, regular checks and adjustments to improve comfort

By providing a customized fit and consistent pressure, these garments significantly aid in the healing process and help achieve better long-term outcomes for burn patients.

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