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Real World Evidence (RWE) provides key healthcare insights, benefiting providers, payers, and pharma.

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About Real World Evidence and Generative AI

Real World Evidence is the cornerstone in healthcare data. This is a nuanced, dynamic narrative of patient journeys and outcomes, unfolding in real-time. Leveraging technology and data science, Real World Evidence can illuminate unseen patterns, providing deep insights that inform care decisions.

Real World Evidence (RWE) plays an essential role in healthcare, benefiting providers, payers, and the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Providers: RWE allows healthcare providers to make informed decisions by understanding the effectiveness of treatments in real-world settings. This can lead to improved patient outcomes and personalized care.
  • Health Plans: For payers, RWE can help assess the value of different treatments, guiding reimbursement and coverage decisions. It can also feed into population health management strategies, identifying trends and helping to predict and manage costs.
  • Pharma: The pharmaceutical industry uses RWE to support drug development and post-marketing surveillance. It can inform clinical trial design, support regulatory submissions, and demonstrate the value and safety of drugs in the real world.

With's G-Mode application and Large Medical Model, users can harness the power of Real World Evidence (RWE) to a greater extent. The G-Mode application provides a user-friendly chat based interface and powerful data analytics capabilities, making it easier to analyze and interpret RWE using natural language. Users can input their queries and quickly generate meaningful insights on their data and identify similar patients or past real world data relevant to their queries. Additionally they can work with synthetic data informed by GenHealth’s 140M patients. G-Mode and the Large Medical Model are adept at identifying patterns and trends that might be missed by traditional analysis methods. It can provide deeper insights into patient journeys and outcomes, supporting the use of RWE for personalized care, population health management, drug development, and more.

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